Is TelMed a new company?

TelMed is a newly established company that forms part of a group of companies of Health Tech International holding, which has been on the market for over 3 years and whose operation extends to 8 countries in Latin America and Canada: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica , Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

What is the difference between TelMed and Ameridoc International?

TelMed was created with the objective to manage the network of physicians providing services to the group companies in the US, including Puerto Rico, Canadá and México.
TelMed is a subsidiary company from the group of companies of Health Tech International. Health Tech International was originally called AmeriDoc International and was a subsidiary company of AmeriDoc which was recently acquired by TelaDoc.
From the acquisition of AmeriDoc from TelaDoc, Amerioc International was not part of the transaction and therefore to continue operating in the US market changed its name to Health Tech International.However, the name remained AmeriDoc International for all the subsidiaries owned by Health Tech International in Latin America.
All companies incorporated in Latin American countries,in which Health Tech International develops its operations, constitute the AmeriDoc International name followed by the name of the country, so that a subsidiary of Health Tech International in Colombia is named AmeriDoc International Colombia.

In what countries does TelMed have presence in?

The Health Tech International operation extends to 8 countries in Latin America and Canada: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.

What requirements does a physician need to practice telemedicine?

To practice telemedicine you need the same credentials to practice traditional medicine.

Can I use my state practice license to practice telemedicine in any state?

As of today, you cannot practice telemedicine outside of the states where the physician is licensed to practice. However, there is a bill in the US Congress that once it is approved will allow the practice of telemedicine in every state of the union with a single license.

Can I use my state practice license to practice telemedicine in another country?

It is not legal to prescribe over the phone outside the United States; telemedicine could be practiced from USA to other countries in Latin America as long as medicine is not prescribed and the consultation is handled only as a guide. However, it should be noted that Health Tech International, through its subsidiaries in other countries have their physician networks in the countries where it operates.

Does TelMed pay my license renewal in each state?

No.  Every physician is responsible for their own license renewals.  However, Tel Med provides vicarious liability insurance for medical malpractice to those physicians enrolled in the program.

Do I need malpractice insurance? Does TelMed offer me any type of malpractice insurance?

No, you do not need malpractice insurance. Tel Med network provides a Professional Liability Insurance policy exclusively for the consultation of the teleconsultant patients.

How many calls will I receive per day?

This will depend on your availability. Howeber we recommend not receiving more than 30 calls per day.

If I want to provide my service on full-tame basis,will TelMed allow it?

As an independent professionalyou can spend all the timeyou wish to facilitate consultations through TelMed. Tel Med does not put a time limit of dedication.

Can I send electronic prescriptions through the TelMed system?

Yes, in our Patient Doctor Management System (PDMS) through the e-prescribing application, you may issue an electronic prescription to over 60,000 participating pharmacies affiliated to the program.

If I understand that the patients symptoms should be evaluated in an emergency room, do I have to make arrangements with a hospital so they can receive the patient?

NO. When you receive a transferredcall to make a medical consultation, the first thing you should do is:
Hello, if this is an emergency please call at XXX. Is this an emergency?
If the client answers yes, the Doctor should repeat to the client that they should call emergency services and that they cannot continue to attend the call.
If, however, the client cannot identify whether the call is an emergency and if the physician during the call identifies through diagnosis that it is an emergency, the physician should end the consultation immediately and tell the customer to call emergency services.

How are doctor’s paid every month?

Doctors will be paid each month at the end of the month.

TelMed Services will generate a document detailing each and every consultation the doctor performed to provide them with an accurate summary of their work.

The information provided to the doctor will be taken from our dashboard, which tracks all actions within the PDMS, and includes who the consultation was with, the time at which the consultation was requested, how long the consultation lasted, the type of consultation, and whether or not the consultation was completed correctly.

At the time of the doctor’s affiliation with TelMed Services they will have selected the choice of either having a check mailed to them or having the funds deposited directly into their account.

What is the definition of our Telemedicine Services?

TelMed Services is a network of  "on call" doctors that will provide consulting services to Health Tech International.  The focus of these services will be to allow Hello Doctor members the ability to speak with a certified licensed doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere with reliable phone access.

Which doctors are eligible to provide such services?

All licensed doctors who have experience in General Practice, Pediatrics, and Emergency room situations can become part of our network after verification

What are the minimum qualifications required to join TelMed Services?

To join TelMed Services as a physician, the doctor must be licensed in one of the 50 states or in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.  They must have General Practice or Pediatrics experience.  Any other specialty is a bonus.  Typically the doctor willing to be considered for a position within our network will have to submit the following information:

. CV

. Copy of medical license from the state or territory in which duly authorized; in the case of Puerto Rico from the Board of Licensing and Medical Disciplines of Puerto Rico, previously known as Board of Medical Examiners.

. Job Application

Which hours are available to consult?

Once the doctor has been added to the TelMed network they will decide their own hours of availability.  Our Chief Medical Officer will review the overall availability of all doctors in a particular state to make sure we maintain 24/7 coverage to handle calls at any time.  Please refer to our quick tutorial video on Youtube to view how to set up your availability (starting at 2:24).

Do we need to be committed to a minimum number of hours?

No.  We do not require a set number of hours, but we typically request the doctors work 10 or more hours a week to help make sure all members requesting consultations can be treated over the phone.

Where is the place of work?

The job site, or location, is wherever the doctor has access to a reliable internet and telephone line.

What are the hourly wages?

Each doctor will be compensated by each consultation without limit.  Please refer to our website http://www.telmedservices.com/en/join-us.html to view potential earnings.

What is the typical profile of the people that join your network of Dr.’s?

The typical profile of the doctors who would like to join our network include those who have worked in the general practitioner, family practitioner, pediatrician, internist, and emergency room fields and who wish to work whenever they want, for however long they want, wherever they want (with reliable Internet and phone line).

How many providers do you currently employ?

We do not employ any providers.  All of our doctors are affiliates of our system.

Do you have a no-compete clause?

No we do not.  We allow our doctors to work with whomever they would like to.

IMPORTANT: The physicians under no circumstances will:

  • Recommend the name of a hospital or the name of any healthcare provider.
  • Recommend a specialist by their name and last name, they may recommend a specialist to assist if needed but cannot give their name.
  • Recommend an inpatient facility, they can recommend to contact your insurance company for them to guide them.
  • Cannot request the clients' phone number.
  • Cannot provide your phone number to clients.
  • All the orientations/consultations should be managed through the call center.